Troubleshooting + AV Consultancy

Do you have a problem and no-one else can help ?….then you should call Us !


If you need advice or have any AV problem,  no matter how simple or complex…. we have so much expertise and experience in this field we WILL be able to FIX it for you.

Typical Examples of  issues we have fixed over the years:
-Poor Wi-Fi signal upstairs or outside patio area ?
-Kids want faster speed for gaming-Upgrading to Sky HD, Sky Q or Sky Glass
-Connection of new router
-Surround sound system no longer working
-TV picture quality issues
-Sky picture or magic eyes no longer working in other room!
-Aerial/freeview picture pixelating
-Loss of picture on HD video matrix system
-How to Access on-demand TV services ?
-Sonos set up problems since update
-TV needs re-tuning 
-Cables are cluttered and need tidying up
-Equipment needs streamlining
-Power surge has damaged equipment
-Cables need concealing in the wall
-HDMI cable has broken !
-Sky unable to install Sky Q due to access/network issues
-Is my TV too heavy for wall mounting ?
-What size TV should I buy ?
-What is best to TV ?
-Where can I hide my satellite box or DVD player away from TV ?
-Can you mount TV safely out the way of young children!
-Legacy multi-room audio system or keypads not working
-AV Control issues

If any of these issues sound familiar or you have something else that needs resolving then please try giving us a call