Sonos Multi-Room Audio

Sonos is a high quality multi-room audio product consisting of a number of components including speakers, soundbars and amps.  It is primarily a music streaming product that plays tunes stored on your home network/PC/itunes, internet radio stations (eg. Tune-In) or a cloud based music steaming sites such as Spotify.  It can be installed into single or multiple rooms and integrated with any existing hi-fi system. The system is controlled with an app installed on your existing smart phone/tablet for a simple to use control interface

Home Entertainment Direct are authorised and experienced installers of this award winning audio system and have integrated Sonos systems since it first came to market over 12 years ago.

We believe that Sonos still offers one of the most flexible and easy to use multi-room audio systems on the market.

The majority of our Sonos installations include Sonos amps discreetly hidden away, and connected to in-ceiling or wall speakers throughout the house to provide a complete integrated multi-room audio system that is simply controlled via your phone or tablet.   We also integrate Sonos with existing Hi-Fi systems or integrate with other audio sources including TV, Satellite and Vinyl Turntables.  We install all the latest Sonos products including the ARC and Beam (which are high performance TV sound bars) as well as wireless Play 1 Speakers and Sub-woofers.   These products can be linked up to create a ‘wireless’ home cinema system.

As part of our installation service, we provide full demonstration and training so that anyone can use the system.  We also install reliable data/wi-fi networks to ensure the system works flawlessly.