Grandview Projector Screens

For the ultimate home cinema experience a large format screen is essential.  For a large screen over 75” then a Projector screen is usually the best and most economical solution.  Our choice of projection screen is from the Grandview product range. Grandview Cyber screens have been our cinema screen of choice for all installations over the last 12 years.
We have chosen Grandview for their quality, price, performance, and ease of installation.   Two types of screen are available ; fixed frame (for dedicated cinema rooms) or electric (for multi-use living rooms).For the electric screen versions we have found them to be extremely reliable and easy to set-up and use with the included IR remote control and IR receiver built into the frame of screen. No messy cables or additional bulky/ugly controller boxes found with cheaper screens.

Screens are available in widths of 6 - 10ft (corresponding to a 77" - 138" size TV !)  They are suitable for use with all modern HD, 4K, 3D and Laser projectors.
Grandview is a Canadian screen manufacturer leading the field in commercial cinema screens in Canada and the USA.  These cinema screens offer excellent value for money and provide fantastic images when matched with a good quality projector.