Data Networks and Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and Networks
Due to the huge demand of internet services and wireless connection of ever increasing 'smart' technology in the home, it is more important than ever to get a reliable signal and connection. We install fast, reliable Wi-Fi connections via self-powered discreet access points that connect to all of your devices. The use of wireless access points in conjunction with optional hard-wired sockets in each main room of the house, we can provide a network system that will provide you with an internet service that’s as reliable as it is fast, ensuring you can be online whenever and wherever you need.  These can be run outdoors for garden patio areas and outbuildings to create one seamless, unified network with a SSID and password of your choice.

For residential or commercial premises, indoor, and outdoor, we install wired Cat6 Ethernet networks consisting of data points linked back to central hub/network switch. These provide robust and reliable hard-wired networks, ideal for computers, servers, HD video and audio distribution, TVs, CCTV and Wi-Fi Access points.

Network points can also be installed within new build construction, or as a retrofit solution by discreetly running external grade cabling through walls, lofts and around buildings/guttering etc